Family Dentistry

As a Practice we encourage the whole family to attend. We are happy to accept children under the age of 19 on the NHS. We welcome children from the age of 6 months but generally parents bring them from the age of 3. There is evidence to show that children who attend for regular check ups are more likely to maintain good oral health through out their life. This builds trust and confidence. It allows us to spot problems early and give preventative advice. Please take care as parents to transmit only positive feelings about going to the dentist. Many parents have said that watching the TV episode “Peppa Pig Visits the Dentist” prior to the child attending was very useful!

  • It is important that children and young people get into good oral health habits from an early age.
  • Many adolescents have early signs of dental erosion and wear.
  • Early preventative advice and treatment is vital with these problems.
  • Once family members become adults we have dental plans that offer private dentistry at very affordable rates.